Writing goal #11

11. Keep a personal journal for 2010 - up until 2005 I used to write in a journal most days; have bought a Moleskine diary to revive this!

This is a new goal I added in the New Year. After I read Barbara Stoney's biography of Enid Blyton, I decided I wanted to revive writing in a physical journal this year. From 1996 - 2005/6ish I kept journals, but as the drama took over my life, I found I had less time and inclination to keep writing about my life. Instead I opted to write fiction as my catharsis! (I cringe reading them - my notebooks are all stashed away with the view to burn them, possibly after I've gone through and taken out the memories I'd like to keep - is that silly?)

Anyway, I've bought a Moleskine diary for my scribblings and I'll maybe share some of my entries. As I write completely different by hand to how I type to the screen, if I put these up you'll find the entries different to my blog style! :)

Does anyone else keep a diary/journal? Any Moleskine fans out there?


  1. I do keep one - I tried using a dated diary but then I felt like I had to fill every day - but then again some days were boring or I just didn't have the time.

    This year I've got a lined notebook that I'm using because then if I write lots today and none tomorrow it doesn't matter.

  2. I love my moleskine. It goes with me wherever I go. I don't use it for journaling so much as jotting things down that I think I'll want to have later. I've actually just about filled my first one up after a couple of years -- they're durable little things!

  3. Big Moleskine diary fan here!

    I'm not so good at keeping a personal journal... Though have been considering it...

    Good luck!

  4. I don't keep a diary but blog about events instead. Used to be weekly but now at least once a month. But yes I don have writing books, some moleskins but I use Kates Papierie (only in NYC) note books as they seperate them into colour coded sections. ie journal, books, films, features etc

  5. I used to keep diaries but always failed when it came to a dated one, but I'm ALWAYS jotting down personal stuff in my notebooks (I always carry a notebook). Might get one now - you've inspired me!