Cinema January - February 2010

As I have the rather useful Cineworld Unlimited Card - worth it if you live near a Cineworld - I see a *lot* of films. As well as recording what books I read this year, I'll also list what I see at the cinema with a wee comment. :)


1. Sherlock Holmes - Seen on 03/01 - Surprisingly enjoyed. Loved the rapport between Watson and Holmes. 9/10

2. Nine - Seen on 09/01 - Disappointing. Had no empathy with main character, felt there was a distinct lack of plot, though some of the set designs and costumes were gorgeous. 4/10

3. Daybreakers - Seen on 10/01 - Slightly OTT with the gore. Interesting concept, but more could have been done with the plot, especially the ending. 6/10

4. Up In The Air - Seen on 15/01 - An original film which had some superbly wonderful dialogue. My favourtie line: "I googled you; that's what us modern girls do when we have a crush." {^_^} Clooney, Kendrick and Farmiga were all brilliant.  9/10

5.Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll - Seen on 16/01 - Colourful, chaotic, frantic, GENIUS. Dury's tale deserved to be told; Serkis as Dury masterfully delivered. 10/10

6. Avatar 3D - Seen on 18/01 - The Anthropologist in me found the plot repugnant; the Disney Princess in me found the plot a rip-off. Purely because it is visually stunning, it gets 5/10

7. The Road - Seen on 21/01 - Very bleak and quite harrowing in parts. Masterful delivery from Viggo, but the child annoyed me at times. 8/10

8. It's Complicated - Seen on 27/01 - Felt physically sick at the sight of a half-naked Alec Baldwin! Cringe-worthy, quite clichéd. Did have some redeeming moments and wit though; Meryl was by far the star. 5/10

9. Brothers - Seen on 30/01 - Quite slow in parts, but an interesting concept. Natalie Portman was too pretty to say she was supposed to be a grieving wife!! 6/10

10. Un prophète - Seen on 05/02 - Not your typical Hollywood film. 7/10

11. The Princess and the Frog - Seen on 09/02 - Very cute, but draws heavily from other Disney films. Still felt like an utter Disney Princess watching it though. {^_^} 7/10

12. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief - Seen on 17/02 - Dreadful, simply dreadful. Absolutely rubbish opening and it just got worse. AVOID. 2/10

13. Valentine's Day - Seen on 23/02 - Mediocre. 5/10

14. A Single Man - Seen on 26/02 - Beautifully shot, but not much substance. 7/10

15. The Crazies - Seen on 28/02 - Tolerable. Had the obligatory jumpy bits and gore. 6/10


    1. I would like to see Sherlock Holmes, but don't really fancy the others. Which sounds like a good thing!

    2. I want to see Sherlock Holmes too! (One reason being that Robert Downey Jr in that outfit = HAWT.) Didn't really fancy seeing the others though, am waiting for Kick Ass and Alice in Wonderland. Will take your advice and not see Nine - don't really fancy it!

    3. You should both definitely see Sherlock! Up in the Air is worth seeing, too!!

      I'm very excietd about Alice in Wonderland, too, Elle! :D