The Noughties in numbers

Numbers are not my thing - I admit, I'm one of those people who uses their fingers to work out sums - but I have decided to sum up the Noughties in numbers, just to be different. {^_^}

  • 67 qualification-gaining exams --> 12 GCSEs, 5 A-Levels and 1 M.A (Hons) degree

  • 9 countries visited (6 visa stamps)

  • 2 countries lived in

  • 1 car (Sulley)

  • 2 lawsuits

  • 1 death

  • 2 weddings

  • 3 family additions (Sister-in-law, nephew, niece)

  • 150 pairs of jeans bought

  • 1,500 books read (probably a good guesstimate!)

  • 3 books written

  • 18 West End musicals seen

  • 9 jobs (2 internships)

  • 18,250 cups of tea drank (probably accurate!)

    I think that's covered everything! Tomorrow I'll be reviewing 2009, but what's your decade been like? x

    1. All in all a bit balanced. My List is getting kinda long! I'll post on mine with a link back :)

    2. I bet you read more than 1500 books. It's YOU after all! :)

      24 failed relationship attempts? How did you manage to keep track of that? I can't even remember how many guys I KISSED during the noughties, haha!

      And . . . Lawsuits???

    3. Good grief, you've been busy. The only thing I can match you on is tea!

      (Twining's Assam is the greatest).

    4. Yikes you've been busy!!

    5. Whoa! I read the list thinking you were talking about just 2009, not 2000-2009! Made me think you had quite the busy year ;) Still that was a full enough decade.

    6. Don't even ask on the lawsuits, Paula!! As for the men, those are the ones I recall ... which don't include the randomers, plus I'm sure I've blocked some out!!

      @ MikeH - That really would have made 2009 a *very* crazy year!! :)