2010 goals

Writing goals:

1. Finish the first draft of Tabitha and edit.
2. Re-work Lottie alongside Tabitha edits (Tabitha is a spin-off of Lottie).
3. Package Lottie and Tabitha for submission.
4. Re-work TROG submission package.
5. Tweak Geli and Geli submission package.
6. Write crime/thriller book - I really want to try my hand at a new genre and I started writing a crime/thriller called Boudica's Attic set in 1920s New York. Must finish it!
7. Write chick-lit book #5 - possibly TROG #2.
8. Enter at least 3 writing competitions.
9. Freelance work for newspapers/magazines to build-up writing credentials.
10. Get agent and book deal.
11. Keep a personal journal for 2010 - up until 2005 I used to write in a journal most days; have bought a Moleskine diary to revive this!

Other goals:

1. Limit myself to 12 reads a month (144 reads a year is still respectable; 322 reads for 2009 was a wee bit excessive!).
2. Blog online at least 5 times a month.
3. Visit 2 new countries.
4. See 2 West End musicals.

What are your 2010 goals? -x-


  1. I am amazed at how many books you get through! I swear I get a Goodreads update every day! :-) It's quite impressive. Looks like you'll be a busy girl next year. Ambitious, but where's the fun in playing it safe? ;-) Good luck to you!

  2. 312 reads? dude!!! Thats nearly one a day!! What were you doing lol. 120 is most definately still respectable lol. I need to write a list of my goals and then distribute around my friends - I am so rubbish at keeping my goals intact lol.

  3. 11. Leap tall building in single bound.

  4. I'm going to join the choir and point out that reading that many books is amazingly awesome in my eyes.

  5. I write down my goals in a 2010 goals booklet. It is always in my wallet and I review it regularly. It keeps me focused on what really matters to me.

    Enjoy and share,

  6. @ Han and Elizabeth - *guilty cough* Have upped my reads from 10 to 12 a month. I *should* be able to survive on 3 reads a week!!

    11. Leap tall building in single bound.
    Maybe I'll make that next year's goal, April! ;)

    Make sure you do join the choir, Liza! :)

  7. I am concerned by the number of books you read. Do you have the bionic eyes? I'm pleased with getting to something like 140 this year never mind any more than that!

    I've done my online goals for 2010 and i am going to tackle RL goals tomorrow i think. Goodness knows i need to make a plan!

  8. I know, I know - I read *way* too much. It was my 2009 addiciton. I'm hoping writing will be my 2010 one!