Author Events

I've never actually attended an author event, and the only signed book I have, I have by accident - a friend bought me a book for Christmas that had been surplus-signed by the author at the store. When I opened it Christmas morning, I thought some horrible person had defaced it (his signature is just a squiggle)! But, when we contacted the bookstore, they confirmed he had done a signing there. Phew!

Does anyone attend author events when an author is on-tour promoting their latest book? Is anyone keen to get their books signed or have a ten-second fan-moment with their favourite author? Or, is it more about the book than its writer?


  1. I go to about one or so a month. My friend Richard (yes, another one) organises them at Heffer's. I go when there's an author whose books I enjoy or if it's a book that sounds interesting by an author I don't know. Sometimes, it's just for the wine.

    I only buy the book if I think I'll enjoy it and I might as well have it signed as not.

    I've been to the launch of a friend's book which was fun but definitely a bit weird when I came to have the book signed.

    I get a little odd and star-struck if the author is someone I admire with the invariable result that I make a complete arse of myself. I become this fawning wreck of a man. It's embarrassing. You wouldn't like me. I barely like myself when that happens.

  2. I've been to author events for (don't laugh at me) Nicholas Sparks and Stephenie Meyer. I have Stephenie's signature, but I didn't really care about that part. It's interesting to hear someone speak about his/her work, but I probably wouldn't go unless it was someone I was really interested in. I care more about the book, but I'm interested in the writer.

  3. Hmmm, not so keen on meeting authors although I wouldn't mind having a drink with some of them, haha!

    Anyway, although I have never MET any authors, I have actually had a few emails from authors in the past though, who read my reviews on amazon and wanted to thank me for them. That was nice! Especially when the great Jill Mansell emailed me and told me we obviously both had great taste in books since we both loved Marian Keyes books!

  4. You know, that's something I've never done, been to a book signing or asked for an autograph.

    I'd get embarrassed, especially at my age (32). I'd feel like such a fangirl!

    It's surprising, really, as many authors have done book signings in my town. I remember the queues to see Terry Pratchett were up the street and round the corner, and this was hours before he was due to appear.

  5. I'm always interested to see and hear authors speak in real life if I've enjoyed their books- I'm too nosey, I have to know what they're like! Sadly don't get to many signings, although there are some great ones coming through Paris.

  6. I never had, but I would love to meet different authors. I'll have to start looking up more on book signings!

  7. @ Richard - I think it's perfectly acceptable to go into "silly mode" in front of people you admire! :0)

    @ Ashley - I'm not laughing! I do think it's interesting though that, more often than not, it's about the book and not the writer ... yet without the writer ...

    @ Paula - Aww, that is nice! And glad to see they do pay attention to the fan reviews and not just the press ones.

    @ Papercuts - I'm amazed I've never been to one. I've seen plenty of advertisements for events, but never followed through - like you say, I would also feel like a silly fangirl!

    @ Daisy - You're the first person to admit to nosiness! Does that mean if you enjoy my books (when they are on the shelves), you'd come to one of my events?! Tee hee!

    @ and her heart - Let me know if you do go to some signings! :0)