Paperback vs hardback?

With my favourite authors, I tend to buy the hardback version of their books. For example, it was the hardback version of Bill Bryson's book, The Life and Times of The Thunderbolt Kid, that I bought instead of the paperback version. Generally though, I will wait for the paperback version, and I definitely own more paperbacks than hardbacks.

How about everyone else? Do you prefer to buy paperback or hardback books? And is your preference influenced by the book and/or author? x


  1. If it's one of my favourite authors, i can't wait for the paperback. Marian Keyes, Sophie Kinsella, Lisa Jewell and Chris Manby are authors I will always buy the hardback version of.

  2. I agree, I usually buy the paperback unless it is my favourite authors, then I'll splurge for the hardcover. Plus paperbacks are easier to carry in your purse and I usually always have a book with me.

  3. Twitter comments:

    chrisilluminati: I prefer paperback because they are easier to hold. You can bend and contort them. Hardbacks are impossible to read.

    PammieJean: If it's a favorite author or a compelling book, I'll buy the hard cover, otherwise it's paperback, tho prefer trade editions

  4. Yeah, paperbacks are easier to lug about but if it's a favourite author and especially if it's on sale (supermarkets tend to sell hardbacks at around a tenner now) I'll buy the hardback. Sometimes I can't wait for the pb to be issued.

    I bought Wally Lamb's new novel from Borders the other day - half price. Of course, I love him so much I would have paid anything but at a tenner it was a bonus.

    But Elle...BEND AND CONTORT paperbacks?! Oh the horrorz! Such book abuse!


  5. I must admit, I did cringe at his admittance of mutilation, until I recalled not everyone reads ... I will take a book-abuser, over a non-reader anyday!

    (Those poor books though!)

    It seems most of us opt for paperbacks unless it's a bargain, a must-read or a favoured author. Good call!

  6. I don't have a preference... If I see a book that I want, then I'll get it regardless of whether it's hardback or paperback.

    I have to admit though, the majority of the books I have are paperback, and I prefer them too.

    What annoys me most are those hardback book, with the separate glossy cover... Ergh! So annoying! You have to take them off and then you're just left with loads of little leaflets for your books!

  7. I used to work in a bookstore and people would always ask me if we had the paperback version of brand new books. My managers would be like, "NO, it takes a YEAR!!" Yah, they'd been working there for a while...

  8. Twitter comment:

    yummee: Hardbacks are more durable but, paper backs are good travelers u can just about tuck them anywhere I guess i dont have a preference