Write and fight with love

"To be able to talk about books you love is the way to understand how writing works. Nothing of any value proceeds without love. If writing is a means to an end - it is not worth doing. If it is an end itself, even if it makes no money, even if it is never published, then it has value."

This quote is appropriate for any aspiring writers, I think. At the end of the day you can't write to make money; you have to write for the love of it. And the reason you have to write for the love of it is because if your writing lacks that sparkle that is achieved from your enjoyment, your writing probably won't be very good anyway. It will show (or, technically, won't show) and your writing will suffer. If you don't have feeling for your writing, how do you expect others to gain anything from it?

Whether you are published or not, your writing does have value. It should have value to you. Yes, it may not be appreciated how you would like it to be, but if you don't appreciate it, I would take a good hard look and consider whether you really want to be a writer or not. It should be your passion. I'm not saying it should consume every breathing moment, but it should consume a significant amount of moments. You shouldn't be writing for the sake if it - you should be writing because you want to tell a story - a story that you feel strong enough about to take the criticism, the pain, and the rejection. A story is worth fighting for, just like love is worth fighting for. If you love something, then it will shine through. How can you expect others to love your creation if there's no love from you?

Yesterday I had my first rejection for Geli and, do you know what, my world didn't crumble. I am immensely proud of Geli because it is my third finished chick lit book - if I didn't feel for my characters and my book, there's no way I would have achieved that.

Because I love what I do, I will fight for Geli to be published so people can love the book as much as I do because, after all, when we write for love, then we will fight for that love.


  1. "If you don't have feeling for your writing, how do you expect others to gain anything from it?"

    This is so true! You have to love your own story and characters before anyone else will - you seem very wise. The fact that you have written three full length novels is very admirable. Keep trying!
    p.s love your blog =)

  2. Thank you very much! :0) My friend jokes when I'm published I should write a book on the writing process - maybe I will! Hehe!