Book Review: The Chocolate Run by Dorothy Koomson

The Chocolate Run by Dorothy Koomson has to be one of my favourite chick lit books. I chose to write about it today because it's actually set somewhere other than London (amazing!). It's set in Leeds, where I happened to be today. Not only is it set in Leeds, it's accurately set in Leeds, as Dorothy Koomson went to uni there. As I'm a writer defined by my years at uni in St Andrews, I can relate to DK in that sense. She's very lovely about Leeds (rightly so); not only that, the story's decent as well!

Really, I'm dreadful at reviewing books. You really want me to do this?

Okay, so for me the big pull of it is the Leeds setting. But, I absolutely adore Greg - he's the love interest in this book - and I mean, I *adore* him. Amber, the protagonist, is the right sort of chick lit heroine for my taste - she's an over-thinker with potential. Did I mention I adore Greg "man-tart" Walterson? He's your classic man-tart redeemed when he finally meets the right woman - sort of like Mrs Beeton's "she reclaims her husband from vice" observation (honestly, Mrs B is a genius!). Greg is definitely my favourite sort of chick lit main man, and Amber comes across as deserving of him. Don't you hate it when the "heroine" gets it all, yet she's annoying and blah, or is that just me?

So, it's a believable book because it has sass, plus it's not at all fluffy. What else? Amber works in the world of film, and she's a chocoholic. Mmmm - chocolate! Tick points there. Ummmm... Just read it okay - I highly recommend it! Alternatively, if you've read the book and liked it/loved it, post me a review! Yours will be much better than mine! Ta! 


  1. This was a holiday read for me a couple of years ago and i loved it - definitely my favourite Dorothy Koomson book. I'm actually planning on taking her latest "Goodnight, Beautiful" to FV with me . . .

  2. I will add this to my to be read section! :D

  3. I liked the other DK books, but not as much as this one. I *love* this one, and it was my first DK read too.

    Let me know if 'Goodnight, Beautiful' is any good, Paula.

    And let me know what you think to 'The Chocolate Run' Liza! And what happened to your blog!?


    I wrote a blog about changing my web address.

    You can find it all there! :D

    Hopefully I can pick up the book later this month.


  5. Cheers - I must have missed that for some reason *hits brain*

  6. So I was reading Goodnight, Beautiful on the plane back today - was completely hooked. Nearly finished it during the journey . . . just got a bit to go, but would completely recommend it. The characters are great, and the story is awesome too.

  7. Excellent - I will get it ... as soon as I have tackled my to-read list! :0)