Coronavirus diary: Weeks 28 and 29

Monday 21 September

After not doing one of these since week 12, here I am, still working from home... Today was my first day back at work after ten days off, which included a week in Portugal. Portugal!! We went against FCO guidance - only go if it's essential - but it was worth it.

Portugal felt safer than the UK with all their precautions - and it's not as if self-isolating for two weeks impacts us anyway since I've been working from home since 17 March. Yep, it's been that long.

Monday was mostly all about catching up with everything and then doing some actual work in the afternoon. The evenings are getting noticeably darker, which is weird because the evenings were just starting to get lighter when this all began. After a yummy dinner of roasted cauliflower with chickpeas, spring greens, lemon and tahini (from The Green Roasting Tin), we watched a few episodes of The Boys (season 1). And that was Monday. 

Tuesday 22 September
Work, work, work. Broken up by watching Boris's House of Commons announcement at lunchtime. Looks like working from home is encouraged again, not that I've had chance to return to the office! 

We finished watching season 1 of The Boys (really enjoyed it, though it's a bit gory in parts) and then watched the first three episodes of Schitt's Creek, which I very much enjoyed. I have a feeling we're going to watch the rest of it very quickly. 

Wednesday 23 September

Work, work, work. Dreaming of this time last week eating pastéis de nata and sunbathing by the pool.

Thursday 24 September
Aaah, Facebook memories. Four years ago today we had dinner at The Flaming Buoy Filet Co. in Key West, which was most excellent. Still, dinner tonight promised to be M&S's best steak pie (have embraced Ocado's move from Waitrose to M&S, though Waitrose do far better soup)... Pie verdict? Pretty yum!

Friday 25 September
FRIYAY! And pay day! The best day!

Saturday 26 September
A lazy Saturday.

Sunday 27 September
Another lazy day. We slept in until nearly 11am - it's exhausting self-isolating!

Monday 28 September
Back to work. Finished watching season 2 of Schitt's Creek in the evening, which is awesome. Told you we were going to get through it quickly!

Tuesday 29 September
Pretty much in meetings all day. 

Wednesday 30 September
See yesterday. 

Thursday 1 October
See Wednesday and Tuesday. 

Friday 2 October
Last day of self-isolation - hurrah! In true government fashion, we were unsure what time counted as freedom o'clock. Is it when you land? (Because that's what time they ask for on the form.) Or is it when you get back home? (And if it is when you land, surely it should be the time you board because you're in your plane bubble at that point?)

We went for when we got back home, and promptly went to the pub at that time. Tried to go for pizza afterwards but even though the restaurant acknowledged they had our booking, they didn't actually have a table for us... Walked home in the pouring rain, ordered Domino's and watched Onward.  

Saturday 3 October
Dyed my hair bright pink!

Sunday 4 October
Headed into town for a Hawksmoor Sunday roast. Super delicious, as always, but a super rushed experience. Kind of disappointing.

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