Coronavirus diary: Weeks 4 and 5

Monday 6 April
Ocado day! This is the last slot I booked when all this went down and I hurriedly headed online to book one slot per week for as long as I could. Missing lamb mince but did get some bonus Easter eggs that I didn't order, so I'll take that as as win.

Tuesday 7 April
Busy day at work today.

Wednesday 8 April
Another busy day.

Thursday 9 April
The busiest day at work! Very much looking forward to the four-day Easter weekend.

In other news, the Dishoom cookbook arrived today, which is beautiful. Cannot wait to recreate their bacon naan at home.

Friday 10 April
Today's lie-in did not go as planned - woke up at 7am, which is earlier than I get up for work at the moment. That is one thing I will miss when all this is over - at the moment I'm waking up naturally at around 8 o'clock and it is GLORIOUS.

Went for a walk in the sunshine today around Wandsworth Common as it was a lovely 25c. Sad to see sunbathers on the common though. I get it, we live in a flat with no garden or balcony, but I don't want to be stuck indoors for the rest of the year - so we follow the rules.

Finally used the voucher my old work got me as leaving present - £50 worth of hair and skincare coming my way, including some rose gold hair dye to take me back pink!

Watched Jesus Christ Superstar in the evening with a takeaway from Rosa's Thai Cafe.

Saturday 11 April
Another lazy day, though we did go for a walk around King George's Park. We're so lucky to have so much green space near us, even if we can't sit down and enjoy it at the moment.

Sunday 12 April
Happy Easter! In the morning we watched Trolls World Tour, a gift from work, and rented Fleabag NT Live in the evening.

We completed Overcooked with a perfect score - we played it last May and got stuck on the last level. Haven't played it since, but victory was ours! (Overcooked 2 has been ordered.)

Our downstairs neighbours left us a note and cupcakes - in true London fashion we have yet to meet them properly. They moved in last August... We reciprocated with a note and some Mini Eggs - and a promise to do drinks once all this is over!

Monday 13 April
Today we made substantial progress on our 2,000 piece jigsaw whilst listening to the Top 40 of the past decade on Radio 2. I think the last time I listened to a Top 40 on the radio was 25 years ago!

Finished reading the Cogheart series today by Peter Bunzl; Shadowsea, book four, was definitely my fave. I think any book with a New York setting instantly gets bumped up a star. (All my book ratings are over on Goodreads.)

Tuesday 14 April
Back to work today. I wasn't planning on using much leave during the lockdown, but I've changed my mind after the Easter weekend. Long weekends until this is all over sound extra appealing now.

Ocado arrived with just bread flour missing - our last weekly slot as they've moved us to a fortnightly schedule. With no car and only one of us allowed in Sainsbury's, that's going to be a pain for whoever draws the short straw and has to carry a week's worth of groceries home. (Olly.)

Wednesday 15 April
Woke up with a cat squished against me. Nothing else can compete with that to be the highlight of my day!

Thursday 16 April
Finally did my first workout! My desk and office chair were delivered halfway through it, obviously, but it's great to have an actual space to work from. After five weeks of sitting on a dining room chair, having a proper chair is a dream.

Lockdown officially extended until 7 May. Unsurprising.

Friday 17 April
Happy Friday! Homemade pizza with The Phantom of the Opera this evening.

Saturday 18 April
Happy 70th birthday to my dad - not the birthday he was expecting, I'm sure!

Made naan breads and a super boozy gin and tonic lemon drizzle cake today. Also won a quiz. Result!

Not a result, unfortunately, was the rose gold hair dye. Didn't work on my hair.

Sunday 19 April
Dishoom bacon and egg naan for brunch, recipe from the Dishoom cookbook. Epic, especially the tomato chilli jam.

Watched The Martian in the afternoon. Must reread. Love the book and film, in equal measure.

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