Disneyland Paris: Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

If you want to see a show over dinner, lasso a horse, saddle up, and gallop along to Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show... with Mickey and Friends. Or, y'know, simply walk there from wherever you are in the park. Located in the Disney Village, the show runs twice a night at 18.30 and 21.30.

Ticket prices may seem expensive, but they include a ninety minute show, a cowboy hat and dinner (which includes drinks, too). Category 1 seating costs £58.70 for adults, £46.60 for children; category 2 seating costs £47.70 for adults, £35.60 for children. We had category 2 seats and had a great view as you can see from my photos below but you're, obviously, closer to the action if you're in category 1 seats.

When you arrive at Buffalo Bill's, you're assigned to a team and given your colour-coded cowboy hat to wear - we were the mighty yellow team. You then head to the bar area to get a drink and enjoy some music before you're allowed into the arena. It's recommended you get there around an hour to forty-five minutes before the show starts. (The sooner you get there, the more likely you are to get a seat nearer the front.)

It's all go when you take your bench in the arena and you're in for ninety minutes of gun-slinging, cattle herding and rough riding competitiveness, along with a bit of a sing-along and various visits from Mickey and friends.

Food is continuously brought out and drinks refilled, but you have to be quick as there's so much to get through. Adults get corn bread, chilli, tortilla chips, chicken, sausage, ribs, new potatoes and a dessert of apple crumble and ice cream, followed by tea or coffee. Drink choices are beer, coke or water, but you can get a really reasonable jug of wine from the bar for €9.

The food was actually better than I expected it to be, and it was a fun show to watch. My nephews and niece really enjoyed it, though if you have allergies, think twice. My poor sister-in-law completely didn't twig that it's a show involving horses... yep, she's allergic. Ah-choo! x

PS: Our team's cowboy won, so we all got a gold chocolate coin. Yee-haw!

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