Magic Lantern Festival 2016

At the weekend we headed over to Chiswick House and Gardens to visit the Magic Lantern Festival. It finishes this Sunday - March 6th, 2016 - so if you like what you see, you still have time to visit!

We booked tickets for a 5.30pm entry, which I'm really pleased we did because it meant that we got to see the lanterns in various degrees of light as well as in the dark. It was also less crowded at this time. (When we left at 6.30pm the queue to get in stretched right the way out of the grounds and on to the main road.)

If you do go, wrap up warm! It was very cold when we were there - my hands were utterly frozen with all the photos I snapped. Still, you all get to enjoy lots of lovely pictures at my expense!

Aren't they quite something? x

Tickets for adults cost £16 (£18 on the door) and £10 for children (£12 on the door.) The Magic Lantern Festival is on at Chiswick House and Gardens, London, W4 2QN.

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