Sunset Safari 2015 at London Zoo

Last week I went to the last Sunset Safari of 2015 at London Zoo which means that if you like the sound of this, you can't actually go this year - sorry! Sunset Safari used to be called "Zoo Lates" but it was relaunched this year and made more family-friendly. Hopefully they'll be running this again next year though as it is such a fun, albeit short, evening.

Now, it goes without saying that I'm already a fan of London Zoo. I've been before when I was young and, in recent years, Olly took me there on our first date. We also returned when he adopted me Ellish (the giraffe on the right, below).

Safari Sunset runs from 6pm through to 10pm, though most of the animals go to bed at around 9pm, and we weren't able to get there until 7pm because of work and what not. You'll never be able to see all the animals if you go to Sunset Safari, but you should be able to tick off your favourites. The giraffes, of course, were our first call after we grabbed a drink.

One thing that Sunset Safari has going against it is that it's a lot more crowded at the Zoo than it would be if you went during the day (yes, even at a weekend, I'd say). We weren't able to get up on the viewing platform to see the giraffes being fed up close, and you might have to wait/queue a bit to get to see the animals - that's probably the only downside.

It was a very jolly evening, and there was also lots of talks on, as well as musicians playing and chill-out areas where you could kick back and relax. We had a quick break from visiting the animals to grab some food from the street food stalls - expect to pay around £5-7 per dish - though bear in mind that if you can wait until 9pm for food (that's roughly when the animals go to bed), you'll get maximum animal time.

Have you been to Sunset Safari (or Zoo Lates)? x

London Zoo, Regent's Park, London, NW1 4RY
Adult tickets to Sunset Safari cost £32 in 2015, children's tickets £22.40. We booked an offer through Time Out making it £14 each. Just to note, this is much more expensive than what a ticket costs to go the zoo during the day. (£24.30 on the gate for adults; £17.10 for children.)

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