2015 LBL: Maltby Street Market

11. Eat at Maltby Street Market

Borough Market is where foodies flock to, but a mere stone's throw away - OK, a fifteen minute walk - is Maltby Street Market. Open at the weekends, it's what you'd come to expect from a London market: it's full of so much tasty food and drink that you have a difficult time choosing which stalls you're going to eat from. We may have ticked this off our 2015 London bucket list, but we'll definitely be returning!

Olly went to the infamous Monty's Deli for a Reuben Special. £10 gets you a massive salt beef and pastrami sandwich on rye bread, with melted cheese, a Russian dressing and sauerkraut, served with coleslaw and a pickle. I didn't think it was possible, but it filled him up for the rest of the day and he skipped dinner! His verdict? Disgustingly awesome.

His choice wasn't my cup of tea, but waffles with bacon, egg and maple syrup from Waffle On was. Costing £6, the buttermilk waffle was deliciously sweet and the egg was wonderfully dippy. They also do a slow roasted duck waffle with plum sauce and egg for £7 that I was very tempted by... Maybe next time, though I also had my eye on a Bockwurst from Herman ze German. Too much yummy food!

Have you eaten at Maltby Steet Market? x

Maltby Street Market, London, SE1 3PA
Open Saturday 9am - 4pm; Sunday 11am - 4pm.


  1. Both of your choices sound awesome!x

    1. We're definitely going back for more! {^_^} x