Brockwell Park Fireworks 2014

Last year we flew back from Ireland on Bonfire Night, which meant we watched the 2013 Brockwell Park fireworks from our back garden as we didn't want to head out. This year we headed round to Brockwell Park to see the 2014 Brockwell Park fireworks up close and personal. Tickets cost £7 (we missed out on the £6 Lambeth residence tickets), and this was the first year that Lambeth have charged for the display, which caused a bit of an outcry.

So, how was it? Well, getting into the firework zone was a shambles, and it definitely could have been controlled better. A lot better. There were only a handful of food and drinks stalls once inside, which meant the queues for these were immense. We had planned on eating there, but didn't bother because of this. The lighting of the area was insufficient, plus some signs inside and a decent tannoy system would have worked wonders.

The Lords of Lightning were amazing, but the Human Catherine Wheel was delayed for thirty minutes and then seemed to break... Two wheels were set up, and the one nearest to us seemed to immediately explode in a way that suggested it wasn't part of the act(!); the other wheel, I can only imagine, gave an good show... it was impossible to see if it did with the crowds. Meh. Oh, and we didn't actually get to see the bonfire!

Still, we'd gone along to see the fireworks, and what amazing fireworks they were when they finally started. We weren't really told why they were delayed but, reading between the lines, it was because of the aforementioned (lack of) crowd control.

I was very snap happy trying to capture the beautiful explosions and colours once the fireworks began. Done by Titanium Fireworks - they do the London NYE fireworks - the twenty minute display was enthralling and I loved every minute of it.

We were probably a bit too close to the front to get the full effect (I had a sore neck from looking directly up), if I'm honest, but those fireworks redeemed the queueing issues and lateness of the display starting.

Aren't they stunning? The one above makes me think of a colourful universe, and the fireworks obviously got better and better as the display reached its end.

I hope the 2015 Brockwell Park fireworks will be just as impressive (albeit a bit better organised)! Did you go to a firework display/bonfire this year? x

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