Beauty: My Little Box November 2014

Another month, another My Little Box! November's box is called My Little Cosy Box, which sounded a promising name for this cold, autumnal month.

Included in the box this month is the My Little World magazine, which whilst it was definitely not an advertorial magazine like last month's Dianne Von Furstenberg edition, it didn't actually have much substance. Still, if I wanted to buy a magazine, I'd buy one, and it's more about the other treats.

I had a sneak peak whilst I waiting for my My Little Box to arrive, and I was so excited as I thought I was getting a mug... When I opened the box and clocked the size of it, I realised it was an espresso cup, rather than a teacup or mug. I don't drink coffee, and I drink way more tea than I could ever fit in this cup, so I won't be using this.

Whilst it is cute, I face the problem I had with the first box: there are things inside the box that I can't actually use. Ditto for the My Little Bouillotte, which is a cushion you heat up in the microwave... Definitely cosy but, you've guessed it, we don't actually have a microwave in our kitchen. I will have to do a blog giveaway so these can go to a good home!

Once I had tried this month's beauty products, I was pretty pleased with the My Little Cosy Box. The Yves Rocher intense colour single eyeshadow in brun cafĂ© mat might have been a darker shade than I would have picked for myself, but the colour is really nice on me and its wear is long-lasting. I'll definitely be buying others shades from this range; I'm a convert to Yves Rocher after discovering the brand through beauty boxes.

I liked the Starliner waterproof eyeliner pencil by Arancil, in black; this, along with the My Little Beauty volumizing mascara I also got, will make a great back-up if I'm running low on my Chanel favourites. The mascara isn't waterproof, at least I don't think it is, but it didn't smudge as soon as I applied it, which is half the battle!

All-in-all, I'm pleased with this month's My Little Box. I hope that the magazine will improve, as it's definitely a weak inclusion, and hopefully next month I'll receive non-beauty items I can actually use. (It's your gain if I don't though!)

A subscription to My Little Box costs £14.95 a month, which includes P&P, and you can cancel at any time. I'll be sure to share my thoughts when I receive December's box - I bet it's a My Little Christmas Box! x

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