Beauty: Avon's Anew Vitale 14 Day System

I've heard good things about Avon's facial creams, so I decided to give their Anew Vitale 14 day system starter kit a go to see whether it was worth the hype. (The kit is currently on sale for £10, down from £22.) The kit contains Vitale day cream (15ml), Vitale night gel cream (15ml), Vitale eye cream (15ml) and Vitale gel cleanser (50ml).

The gel cleanser did what it was supposed to, and I have nothing bad to say about this product. Ditto for the eye cream. Both products did what they were supposed to, although they didn't leave a strong "must use" impression with me.

However, I binned both the day cream and night gel cream after using them both for a week. I don't have sensitive skin, but both creams made my skin sting, and I noticed that dry patches developed on my face where the creams hadn't moisturised my face deeply enough. I definitely didn't get the "even-toned, radiant, vibrant-looking skin in just one week" with these creams, far from it, and I didn't even get a properly moisturised face. With the weather turning colder, this facial cream factor is more important than ever, and these creams simply did not deliver.

The kit is a good idea to buy if you want to try out this range from Avon, and it's cost effective - the eye cream, for example, sells for £16 on its own - but, based on my experiences, I won't be using this range again.

Which facial creams and products do you use? x

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