Happy birthday Kept!

One year ago today I hit publish and Kept was released to the world. Of course, the intention was that it would go live on the 23rd and I would get to share my publication date with the birth and death date of Shakespeare, St George's Day and World Book Day, but sometimes things don't work out exactly how you plan them. (And that's OK!)

It was last month that Kept really came into its own, when it reached #1 in the Amazon.com Best Sellers chart. I'm utterly thrilled about that, and the reviews are still coming in strong from the 50,000+ downloads that Kept had last month. A big thank you to anyone who has read Kept, left a review or spread the word about the book - as an indie author, I appreciate it so much. 

It's definitely been quite the year for Kept, which was joined by Geli Voyante's Hot or Not last October. I'm currently hard at work on Kept's sequel - Lost - and I hope that this will be out this summer, though that depends on a few things I have up my sleeve... 

Happy birthday Kept, and here's to my second year as an author! x

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