Book research: Camden Lock

Yesterday we headed to Camden Lock so I could do a spot of research for my next book. Lost is the sequel to Kept, and sees Arielle back in London. I'm making her step out of her comfort zone in this book, and she's going to find things a bit tough...

Sadly the weather wasn't that great so our plans to hop on a canal boat and head down to Little Venice for lunch after our exploring was scrapped for now - maybe in the summer though!

We decided instead to have some grub from the West Yard where I enjoyed Clinton's Lovechild from Popdogs - a 100% pork oak smoked sausage, infused with chorizo, and seasoned with nutmeg, paprika and black pepper. I had mine with caramelised onions,  ketchup and jalapeƱos, whilst Olly went for their Dirty Dog (a beef sausage with chilli and cheese), as well as a brisket roll from Smoke 'n' Roll.

Oh, and we might have picked up some donuts, though I'm not sure what the stall is called. It's right by the Camden Lock sign on the bridge though, opposite Gilgamesh. They also sell cronuts, a cross between a croissant and a donut, but for me it was all about the chocolate brownie-filled donut.

As well as food, there is of course lots of jewellery, record clocks, clothes, throws, scarves, paintings and so on for sale. Will there be room for Arielle and her shop though down at the Lock? I guess you'll find out in Lost! x

PS: Make sure you also have a wander down to the Stables Market as well, which used to be the Pickfords Stables - the horses may not be there any more in actual form, but you can see them marvellously represented in bronze.(Fitting as we then headed home to watch the Grand National!)

PPS: Check out my research board for Lost on Pinterest!

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