My Writing Process - Blog Tour

Thank you to Jennifer Joyce for nominating me, along with Jaimie Admans and Kyra Lennon, to take part in the My Writing Process Blog Tour. Jennifer is the author of A Beginner's Guide to Salad; find out more about her on her blog. As part of the tour, I'll answer the following questions and then nominate three other writers to take part.

1. What am I working on? 
I'm currently working on the sequel to my debut novel (Kept): Lost. Find out what happens to Arielle now she's back in London and engaged to Piers...

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? 
My characters face real-life situations and don't deal with them in a clichéd or predictable way.

3. Why do I write what I do? 
I write what I do because I love the genre and making a 'happily ever after' happen. {^_^}

4. How does my writing process work? 
I used to write the first draft by hand, which was a bugger to then have to type up(!), but now I write my first draft straight on to the computer. Once I'm a draft or two away from being happy with the book I commission my cover and plan my launch. It's then off to my Editor to tidy it up and check for those pesky errors, before the book goes out to bloggers for advanced reviews.

I nominated Holly Martin, Erin Emerson and Suzy Turner to take part next Monday but time run away with everyone and only Holly sent her bio across in time. Here she is!

Holly Martin
Holly Martin has been writing for four years. Her second novel Changing Casanova and her third novel The Chainsaw Masquerade were both shortlisted for the New Talent Award at the Festival of Romance 2012.

She won the Belinda Jones Travel Club short story competition and her story One Hundred Proposals was published in the Sunlounger anthology alongside her favourite authors Belinda Jones, Miranda Dickinson and many others. Sunlounger 2 will be out this summer and Holly is writing for that too.

Her fantasy adventure Young Adult book, The Sentinel, was published on October 16th and hit three different bestsellers lists within twenty four hours. She won the Carina Valentine’s competition at the Festival of Romance 2013 and her winning story The Guestbook was published on Valentine’s Day.

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