L'atelier des Chefs review, London

Last Christmas Olly and I got cooking lessons for L'atelier des Chefs from his sister and her fiancé... which we completely forget about. We ended up having our lessons the day before our gift card expired, as you do!

Because of this rather last minute booking of our class, we only had a few classes to choose from. We picked the Moroccan 90 minute class. As Moroccan is not a type of food we cook often, this seemed the perfect choice. If you book far enough in advance though, there are lots of other classes available - from Japanese to French, mastering macaroons to perfecting bread rolls.

Our class ended up been a class of six people (three couples). I wasn't sure what to expect from the class, though I did think that we would have our own set of ingredients to work with to prepare our own food. This wasn't the case and instead we prepped it all as a group.

This was a bit unfortunate for Olly as he had cucumber in front of him and he ended up spending all of his time peeling and finely slicing enough cucumber for six people. He did however, and so did I, pick up a few new tips from the chef's demo before we started prepping, so that was good!

Once we had prepped our ingredient(s), it was on to learning how to make a flat bread. I am a big fan of making bread so I was very pleased with this part, and I've made this flat bread since our lesson. (You get sent the recipes afterwards.)

Once that was done it was on to the cooking part. We all got a turn to do little bits and pieces, before we sat down to taste our efforts. I was a big fan of the lamb kofte with tomato and red onion salsa that we made and the wraps were nice enough. As I don't like salad though, the Moroccan chickpea salad really was not for me!

We had an enjoyable time cooking some new dishes and picked up a few tips and tricks. Unless someone bought me this as a gift again or there was a significantly more advanced and hands-on class, I don't think I'd give it another go.

But, if you are not very confident in the kitchen or just want a fun few hours out, definitely give them a go. I was very impressed with the kitchens we cooked in and our teacher was super friendly and happy to answer any of our questions.

What's your favourite type of food? x

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