Glendalough, County Wicklow

Earlier this month we were over in Ireland for a friend's wedding at Rathsallagh, followed by celebrations in Dublin for Olly's 30th birthday. One of the places we were told we must visit whilst we were in County Wicklow was Glendalough, so we hopped in our rental car and drove the windy country roads to Wicklow Mountains National Park. The Irish countryside is absolutely stunning. Seriously, look at this view - how amazing is that?

The Autumnal colours were so vivid, though Autumnal colour equals weather to match. We went from torrential rain and great big gusts of wind to blue skies in the space of minutes... and then back again. Glendalough is a place well-known to hikers but, if that sounds too much like hard work, you can still have a nice walk around the lakes and the monastic city that's there.(Glendalough means "glen of two lakes" - in the ice age there was just the one lake which because of nature, and over time, slowly became two.)

One of the focal points of that city, that dates from the 6th century, is the round tower - my mum calls it the "Rapunzel Tower" because the tower doesn't have a door and you need to use a ladder to access the opening that is twelve feet high. You can definitely picture Rapunzel letting down her hair to let people up!


If you're in the area or, indeed, if you're in Dublin, make sure you go and see it for yourself. (It's only 31 miles from Dublin, so not too far at all.) If you don't want to hire a car and drive yourself there, book on a tour which will take you there (and back) from Dublin city centre. If you do go there in Autumn or Winter though, wrap up warm! x

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