StickyGram review

I'm a big fan of Instagram - I'm clairemfield on there if you want to follow me - so when StickyGram asked me if I'd like to try their offering, I thought I'd give them a go. (Yes, just to be clear, I got these for free to try out and review.)

StickyGram basically lets you pick your favourite Instagram photos and then they turn those into fridge magnets and send them to you. You can pick 9 per sheet and a sheet costs $14.99 (a bit less than a tenner), which is really good value.

My magnets arrived within a couple of days and, I have to say, the print quality and turnaround is excellent. My only gripe with them is that they are quite a thin magnet when you handle them but, to be honest, that's a bit of a pointless gripe because you don't notice their depth once you stick them on your fridge!

I picked some of my favourite landscape Instagrams to get turned into magnets - they are now stuck on our fridge along with Scrabble tiles, a mini Venetian mask and a Bodean's pig magnet. {^_^}

What do you think? And should I order another set and get them to print my Instagram of my StickyGram or would that be too much? ;) x

PS: If you decide to order some, use FRIENDNDS9 and get $2 knocked off the price!

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