Life on the water, Turkey - Part II

Once I've told you about the final two boat trips we took, my Turkish holiday is at an end! The second boat trip involved crabbing - any baby or mating crabs were returned to the water, don't worry - and a walk along the beach at sunset. How gorgeous are these colours? Amazing. 

The final boat trip took us to the Sultaniye mud baths, before the boat was anchored in the middle of the lake and we were able to watch the stars come out. Whilst we didn't go into the mud baths or sulphur pool, we did try a fish pedicure which was bizarre! 

Weird sensations aside(!), this was definitely my favourite boat trip out of the three, though I don't think I will be having a fish pedicure again. Maybe it's because we just had six minutes and the soles of our feet are relatively smooth anyway but it didn't seem to do much to them, in all honesty. They also seemed more concerned with nibbling the top of my feet than the soles or heels.

I wish I could share the stars that we saw later that evening and the peace experienced on the lake but instead I'll have to let you imagine the gentle sound of the water lapping against the boat and leave you to cry out in delight because you've just spotted a shooting star. (Did you make a wish?)

Turkey is never going to be a favourite country of mine, but this was an incredibly relaxing and sunny holiday, and it was definitely more of a Turkish delight than the first holiday I ever had in Turkey! Have you been? x

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