Back in Blighty

A quick update from me as I've been away on holiday for the past few weeks. We went to Turkey, which when I went there in 2009 I said it was Not so much a Turkish Delight... thankfully it was a lovely holiday this time, and I'll be blogging lots about it next week!

Now I'm back though in freezing Blighty - it feels it to me after the 40°C heat - I'm going to be busy editing my next book Geli Voyante's Hot or Not which is released on October 17th. I have to send my final version to my Editor on September 9th which seems alarmingly close this side of the holiday - eek! I'll be revealing the cover in a few weeks time, so keep an eye out for that.

Finally, Kept is currently on sale for 99p on Amazon UK in Kindle format, and it's 99p on Kobo as well. I've had some lovely 4* and 5* reviews left whilst I was away, and I'm thrilled that the majority of reviews for Kept are positive. In fact, I've only one bad review to-date - hurrah! Hope you're all well, and make sure you look out for my Turkey tales next week! x 

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