Kew Palace and Gardens

Last summer you might remember we did our British summer? Well, I think the British summer is here once again! OK, it's hasn't been as hot as they forecast but it's not been freezing - I'll take that to mark the start of British summer 2013 and playing tourist! Yesterday we ventured south of the river to head to Kew, to Kew Gardens and Kew Palace to be more precise.

We have Historic Royal Palaces membership which means we get free entry to various attractions like the Tower of London and Kensington Palace. This used to include Kew Palace but you had to pay the entrance fee for Kew Gardens to access it. Now everyone who visits Kew Gardens gets free entry to the Palace. To be honest, we were much happier spending our time exploring the Garden - far more impressive than the Palace!

The Gardens are absolutely stunning and if it wasn't for it being directly underneath Heathrow's flightpath then you could easily forget you were in London. I'll let the stunning photos do the talking for Kew Gardens but my favourite parts were the Japanese landscape and gateway, and Temperate House. Have you visited? x

(OK, we took far too many amazing photos - more to follow tomorrow!) 



Leap and land. {^_^} More photos tomorrow. x

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