Whitstable, Part I

This weekend we headed off to Whitstable to celebrate my twenty-something birthday. (OK, my twenty-eighth.) It's been a weekend full of glorious sunsets and food, lots of food. Whitstable may be tiny but it has plenty of restaurants that can hold their own!

After checking into our home for the weekend - the gorgeous little Polly's Attic on Harbour Street, which is where you'll find all the independent shops - we went for a quick explore and promptly got rained on. Uh-oh! The weather thankfully picked up though and we got to see a gorgeous sunset, before heading to the Crab and Winkle for dinner.

I honestly can't speak for any other time of year, but we didn't need to book a table. I suspect when the weather gets a bit warmer though that bookings are a must. For about £90 (with service) we enjoyed two fresh fish dishes each and some local Chapel Down wine - all delicious, though I always forget that if you order a whole fish that you get a whole fish, head and all! I went for scallops, followed by sea bass; Olly picked their immense tiger prawns, followed by haddock.

Below the restaurant is the fish market, which is where we found ourselves the next day for lunch: fresh cod and chips, washed down with a cup of tea. They were yummy, but I have to admit that they don't compare to the fish and chips from near where my family live in Yorkshire. Other than Anstruther fish and chips, which come in second, no other chippy in the country has ever claimed my fish and chip top spot, FYI. At £5.95 a portion it's good to see that Whitstable hasn't capitalised on its popularity and that the prices are more than reasonable.

If you are ever in Whitstable, you should probably sample some oysters - let's face it, it's what Whistable is famous for. Get them fresh from the harbour area for 60p each. We didn't - I'm not a fan of raw stuff - but I know they are worth it if you can stomach them. More on the rest of our Whitstable trip later! x

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