Milan: Cimitero Monumentale

I wouldn't usually suggest going to a cemetery... but when I read about the marvellous-sounding Cimitero Monumentale di Milano, I knew we'd have to go. Near Garibaldi (M2 on the Metro, the green line), the area around the cemetery is a little odd for what is such a peaceful and beautiful spot - they are redeveloping the area and there was a construction site in front of the cemetery when we there which made us wonder whether we were in the right place!

Don't let this put you off though. When you skirt around the building site and pass through the gates, you easily feel like you're in a peaceful place of rest and are able to forget the hustling and bustling city of Milan. We spent about two hours there as we were meeting my friend; we definitely did not explore every nook and cranny. I'd allow three or four hours if you want to give the cemetery the full attention it deserves; it's a place I'd definitely go back and visit if I'm in Milan again.

Every tomb or gravestone there seems unique; some seem like tourist attractions in its own right. In fact, the cemetery boasts a miniature of Trajan's Column, which I remember snapping a photo of when I was in Rome the other summer. As an aside, the original column impressively dates from 114 - yes, that's the year 114, so it's 1900 years old - and whereas "Monumental Cemetery" isn't *quite* that old (it opened in 1866), it's still got the wow factor. I'd love to know how much money some of the tombs cost because the workmanship that went into them is incredible - it's not a bad place to spend the rest of eternity in!




Visiting the cemetery was definitely one of my favourite things we did in Milan. It's not open on Monday and has reduced opening hours on certain days of the year, so check opening times if you do decide to visit - you won't regret it if you do! x

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