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UPDATE: Dinnr appear to have gone out of business since this blog post was originally published.

The other month, Olly received a PeerIndex perk for Dinnr. The idea of Dinnr is that you select your recipe(s) from the website and Dinnr deliver all the ingredients you need to your house/office, in the exact quantities, to make the recipe(s). We ordered around 11am yesterday (Saturday) for delivery later that day.

For our starter we picked the seared scallops with bacon and pea mash (£12). For our main we chose the crusted rack of lamb with roast vegetables and bulgur wheat (£20). As we had the voucher from PeerIndex though, we got £20 off. £12 for all this was brilliant value!

As well as sending you detailed instructions on how to cook these recipes, you also get recommended wines and even a Spotify playlist to listen along to as you cook, which are nice touches.

From previous blog posts, you probably know that we are actually decent cooks already, but it was great to learn two new recipes and have a go at recipes that we might not have tried otherwise. For example, we cooked a rack of lamb for Valentine's Day - see here and drool - but we would never have thought to have served it up with bulgur wheat. In fact, I don't think either of of us had eaten bulgur wheat before!

The seared scallops with bacon and pea mash was definitely my favourite, but the crusted lamb dish was yummy. I probably wouldn't have the lamb again - or I would maybe substitute the aubergine from the roasted vegetables for something else - but I can see us making the scallops starter again and again!

I'd recommend giving Dinnr a go, especially if you're not the greatest of cooks as you'll soon be serving up gorgeous home-made food like a pro! If you are already a dab hand in the kitchen, it's worth it to try out new dishes you may never have thought to cook before. What do you think to Dinnr? x

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