Travel flashback: Genipabu dunes, Brazil

One thing worth doing if you're in Rio Grande do Notre, Brazil, is taking a buggy ride to the Genipabu dunes and lagoons. You can choose a ride "with emotion" or "without emotion" - we went for with emotion which makes you feel like you're flying over the sand. So much fun!

It goes without saying that you should make sure on any excursion you take abroad that the providers are kosher with relevant certificates and what not, as well as making sure that your insurance covers you if something did go wrong.

To get to the dunes we crossed a narrow part of the river on a raft. OK, we were punted across. It's considered a good day if only a few rafts get tipped over! Fortunately, we didn't get up close and personal with the river. When we were there they were building a bridge so I don't think nowadays you would get punted across, which is a shame!

When you get to the dunes, one thing you might notice are the circling vultures in the sky above you ... it's best just to ignore them and enjoy the ride! The dunes have been developed for tourism so you will find restaurants and shops around - though not excessively - plus the opportunity to ride a camel if you want to pretend you're in the Middle East. Personally I think there are better places to ride or sit on a camel but it's your call, of course.

One thing I will say throw caution to the wind with is there was a "bar" situated in the river. OK, the dunes are something like 3,000 acres so there might be a few rivers with "bars". All I know though is that we had the best caipirinha EVER in the world, drunk from a coconut that was then filled up and passed to the next person. It's maybe not the most hygienic of drinks, but it really was divine. A brilliant day out.

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