The last few weeks of a British Summer

My British summer is coming to an end - the air is already starting to feel a wee bit chilly and nights are drawing in sooner. I am still going to be making the most of the next few weekends though and squeezing in a few more tourist trips and outdoorsy events whilst I can, but my attention is turning to what's impending and the need to buy chunky knits, boots and a winter coat before all the lovely ones get snapped up! 

I've already made a start on my chunky knits and I know which boots I want, but I always find picking a coat is the tricky one to do - any shop suggestions or is it still a bit too early to be looking? I've also bought some cute jewellery recently from Temporary Secretary to cheer myself up. I took a chance and went for their Lucky Dip. For £10 I got 5 random items - an absolute bargain - two of the items I received were these necklaces. So cute!

Back to my British summer though whilst it's still here. From my original post there are a few things that I've not done that I won't get time to do this year but there are things I've done this summer that I didn't know I would be doing, like going to the Olympic Beach Volleyball, the Paralympic Athletics and V Fest. Swings and roundabouts, I suppose! Over the next few weeks I'm hoping I will be able to re-visit Windsor Castle, go to Buckingham Palace and make a trip to London Zoo to see my adopted giraffe, Ellish. What are your final summer plans? x

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