Hair chalking

I struck lucky and my soft pastels were delivered today... so I decided to give chalking my hair a go!

The most common advice for hair chalking is:

1. Choose the piece of hair you wish to cool and twist hair
2. If you're blonde or a red head, don't wet your hair; do wet your hair if you're brunette
3. Colour in hair with pastel
4. Seal with heat - either straighteners or curling tongs.

First up, I didn't use the darker blue pastel, just the turquoise, magenta and violet pastels (bottom three), and I *did* wet my hair. Other than the magenta pastel my hair didn't seem to want to absorb the other colours when it was dry but did when I wet it/the pastel.

The reason they say not to wet blonde hair is that it will take longer for the colour to wash out if you do but that's the risk I've taken! I found it easier as well to rest my twisted hair on a hard surface and colour in (underneath some paper), rather than try to mid air colour.

Whether you do small, random strands or want to colour the tips of all your hair is up to you - I opted for the tips of my hair and the end result is sort of My Little Pony! It's a bit hard to see, but I used turquoise underneath, violet at the side and magenta at the front.

Until I see how this washes out though, I'm on the fence about hair chalking. With my hair it seems wetting it is the key to getting a vivid colour but if doing that has repercussions for when it's time for the colour to go, it may not be worth it. My hair also feels quite yucky where the colour is so a deep condition will be needed and I won't be doing this all the time as I imagine it will wreck your hair quite quickly if you become a frequent chalker.

Fingers crossed that it washes out fine! If it does, I'll be experimenting with hair chalk again, maybe just trying random pieces. It's definitely be a great (and cheap) way to brighten up an occasion with a pop of colour though, that's for sure! Have you tried hair chalking? x


  1. I love this, the results look really good. I want to try the violent one :) x

  2. It has washed out which means I can get experimenting with hair chalking! {^_^} You should definitely have a go!

  3. Ive always wanted pale pink streaks so inspired by you, yesterday I ordered a pale pink chalk on ebay. hoping it turns up in time to take it to Ibiza next week cos I'm thinking that is a place where pink hair streaks would be AWESOME!

  4. Hope the chalk arrives on time! {^_^}