Olympic Games, day 4

It's day four of the Olympic Games and I'm currently watching the final of the Women's Gymnastics. As a big fan of the TV show Make It Or Break It where the hopefuls try and make it on the US team, my anticipation for the real final has been a long time coming!

Here's hoping Team GB can pick up another medal. -We don't have nearly enough at the moment with our two silver and two bronze medals, although on day four at the Beijing Games we had two gold and one bronze medal at the end of day four so comparatively we're doing well! Here's hoping for gold at the Gymnastics and any other event we can medal in today!

What have been your favourite events so far? x


  1. We've been watching pretty much whatever is on. Been shouting along to the women's basketball and beach volleyball. Also cheered the Men's Gymnastics on when they got silver then booed at the TV when they were knocked down to Bronze because of the injury.

  2. I was so disappointed we dropped down to a bronze yesterday.:( Look out for me at the Beach Volleyball on Thursday if you're watching! :)