British Summer: Olympic countdown

I got an email today saying that it's fifty days until the Olympic Games 2012 begin in London, which is rather fitting as I also found out today that the free Olympic tickets we snagged are for Beach Volleyball! I know many people will be jealous about that given it seems just about everyone applied for Beach Volleyball tickets... I have no idea why! ;)

I have to confess though, I never applied for any Olympic tickets and planned on being out of town for most of the games - I am having to actually rearrange a trip to go to the Volleyball - but once I found out we had the tickets, I knew I had to go.

So, I'll be adding Beach Volleyball to my British Summer and will be looking forward to taking my seat at The Royal Horse Guards in August, though I'm not looking forward to the increased crowds and the inevitable Tube nightmares that the Games will bring. 

Is anyone else going to the Olympic Games this summer or will you stick to watching and supporting Team GB (if you're a Brit, that is!) from the comfort of your own home? x


  1. We wanted tickets but I don't think my Dad got any in the ballot (in theory he was applying on behalf of 6 of us lol)

    We might go down for the marathon if people can just show up and stand on the street and cheer kind of thing - if not I'll be glued to my TV and watch some events. It would be nice to do something given that the changes of it coming back to London in my live time is so small.

  2. You're so lucky you get to go see an event! I tried to get tickets... nada.