Latest Loves and Looking Forward: TV edition

First up, am loving the Beeb's programme The Tube at the moment. When you're on the tube, you only see your little bit of it and mostly you're trying to ignore everyone else, so it's definitely worth a watch and is an eye-opener.

It's an old one, but I never watched it when it was aired so am loving it NOW. That would be 24 with death-defying, bad ass Jack Bauer. I'm up to season 3, but even though each season lasts 24 hours, it's going to take me a lot longer than a day to get through all eight seasons! 

March sees the return of Mad Men, a Latest Love from February 2011. I cannot wait! Anyone else looking forward to the return of Don, Joan and co? I'm also looking forward to the return of Fairly Legal which nearly didn't get picked up for a second season, but thankfully it did!

What are your latest loves and what are you looking forward to? It doesn't have to be TV-related! x


  1. I'm a bit behind the times but at the moment I am in love with Ugly Betty! The show, not Betty, obviously. :-)

  2. Me and my colleague popped to the shop yesterday and were discussing The Tube - I haven't been watching it but I ended up watching a program about Eddie Stobart drivers that's been on Channel Five with my Dad on Saturday and it was really interesting in that geeky way lol.

    I've been watching Pramface which has been on BBC3 - it's pretty funny. I've also been watching the new series of CSI which started last week and the new season of Castle that my Mum have been saving for me at her house.