India: Delhi Belly

One thing you are profusely warned about when you tell anyone you're going to India is Delhi Belly (Google it if you're unsure!). Now, this should not detract you from exploring India's culinary delights - I've yet had to have an Indian since my return, but I'm sure I'll be disappointed (at least for a little while) - you just need to be careful. Gross bit over.

If you're ever near Arpora, then you need to visit the following two restaurants. First up, Le Poisson Rouge which serves up the most amazing Indo French cuisine, so we had to go twice! It's definitely worth trying the "saveurs" menu - for 1500 rupees you get 5 courses that certainly aren't taster plates.

1500 rupees? Oh, that would be about £19 to sample such delights as "Baby calamari filled with prawns and tendi pickle, spicy reduction and Cilantro olive oil pearl" or how about "Steamed red snapper roulade, filled with prawns and rechard masala. Penne and broccoli medlee with bisque emulsion". Delicious.

So, if you're thinking £19 for 5 courses, then yes, Goa is very cheap. The next restaurant you must visit is Nick's Place which we declared has the BEST garlic naan bread you'll find, scrummy rogan josh, generous portions and they do amazing fish tikka.

It'll cost you about £4 for a main and you won't be disappointed. I'm not a cheese fan, at all, but I know Olly would recommend the paneer tikka, if you're also that way inclined. More later!


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