2012 resolutions

2011 has been amazing, mostly, but you should always strive for MOAR! {^_^} I'm not going to include the usual 2-3 new countries to visit, more nice restaurants or musicals, but will think much more carefully about this year's resolutions. See, I'm always going to broaden my horizons in certain ways - it's part of my nature - so I need to think beyond what's normal for me and make my resolutions meaningful. {^_^}

I'm very fortunate that O likes to cook and we get to eat out a lot - I don't actually have to cook very much. Hurrah! But, this will change. It may not sound like a lot, but I am going to make sure I cook properly at least twice a month - none of this taking food out of packaging and throwing it in the oven malarkey - and I'm not going to merely churn out tried and tested favourties. Favourite recipes, anyone? 

Once upon a time this would have been what's normal for me so this wouldn't have been included in my resolutions. But, writing has fallen by the wayside, and this is going to change. I don't care if I write one hour a day or one hour a week, I need to get the creative juices flowing because it's something I love that isn't in my life any more.

Now I don't mean the world at large, but exploring what's outside of my immediate world. Not settling for my favourite pubs in Chelsea or Hampstead but finding hidden gems. Trying out new little caf├ęs for lunch instead of firm favourites. Spending hours just wandering wherever the road may take us or going to exhibitions of artists I don't like the look of at first glance. London is a big city and we all have our set tastes, so it's quite easy to settle and ultimately miss out. I want to explore.


  1. That's a good trio of resolutions! I want to write every day and keep a portfolio of all my work (college work included) in a big binder! Need to make the year productive and fun! :)

  2. Very good resolutions - especially the last. I may infact steal it. x