Materialism? Immaterial.

"You can never get enough of what you don't need to make you happy."

~ Eric Hoffer

Never a truer word said. And especially correct with me when it comes to clothes. And bags. And shoes. Oh, and underwear. I mean, I have three drawers of underwear... THREE! And we're not just talking poky little drawers, but double width ones. Which is all well and good - though, let's face it, how many pairs of knickers can you honestly get through in one day?

When you come to move, that's when you start to think that perhaps you should reduce three drawers worth to one. Oh, and severely reduce the rest of the wardrobes' contents. Yes, I am moving again, and this time I'm not just moving flats. Oh no. I'm moving into what I hope will be a home. A lovely home with gorgeous country-style wooden floors (none of that laminated "wooden" pretend malarkey), our very own bathroom and where we start a whole new adventure.

Yes, I said our and we. Olly and I are moving in together and I'd probably be terrified at the prospect of living with a man if the thought of not being with him wasn't more terrifying. (Not to mention that we've unofficially been living together since June so you can't really get all precious over something that's already happening - I'm not *that* much of a drama queen.)

But, it's not just that. Tomorrow I start my new job, which I'm very much looking forward to. It's one client, but it's not just the UK social media side I'll be looking after. I'm looking after the client's social media in ten countries.

So, new house, new job. But definitely no new man. {^_^} x

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  1. Best of luck to you and O and your OFFICIAL Home together! :-)

    Oh and best of luck with the new job!!!

    See you next month - woohoo!!!! :-)