The Royal Ballet Live at The O2

At the weekend, I headed to see Kenneth MacMillan's interpretation of Romeo and Juliet, performed in the massive Millennium Dome (it'll always be that to me, just like it will always be the BA London Eye - sorry marketing teams). It's the first time The Royal Ballet have performed at the Dome, on a stage that's 10 times the size of the Royal Opera House. Which, made it interesting.

Tamara Rojo as Juliet was amazing - much stronger than the male principal, Carlos Acosta - but the sheer size of the stage and the modernisation of the ballet with the use of video really hindered the performance, for me anyway. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra were also brilliant, but the 'widening' of the ballet to a less traditional audience, in a less traditional space, probably shouldn't be a venture that should be repeated.

Enjoyable, but not amazing.

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