And they say she's so LUCKY.

I'm so excited, Treacles. Over the next few weeks I have some amazing treats coming up, starting with a trip to the old school Millennium Dome to see The Royal Ballet Live at The O2, with Carlos Acosta and Tamara Rojo performing as Romeo and Juliet. Amazing.

The following weekend I'm back at The O2 for Glee Live (floor seating, right at the front - squeeeeee!) and then I'll be seeing Ke$ha a few weeks later at her Get Sleazy tour, supported by LMFAO. *dies*

I may be getting sleazy that evening and brushing my teeth with a bottle of Jack, but the next morning after Ke$ha I shall be looking much more respectable as I jet off to Rome. {^_^}

Life is good, Treacles. They say she's so lucky. I truly am. What are you all looking forward to? xoxo

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  1. Wouldn't mind seeing Ke$ha, i LOVE Her album! the rest . . . not so much. Still gutted I never got to meet you and V this time still too. Last night I tried to convince the woman in charge of the exams to let me come down for a full week next time (ie December) which would be much easier (and hopefully I'll still be alive by then! I've been worried about that) and then it would be even easier to meet! In themeantime, if you wanna come to glasgow... ;)