#thehat Princess Beatrice's charity auction

"Have you told anyone?"

"Not a soul," was my answer.

I'm talking about #thehat, of course, one of the biggest secrets I've ever kept. I honestly didn't think we would get something that would eclipse #unicefirl - an incredible campaign for me to be the social media driving force behind (working alongside a brilliant team, of course) - but I get the feeling that #thehat will eclipse it.

If you're like what hat, where have you been?! It was leaked on Oprah! It's everywhere!

Yes, Princess Beatrice is amazingly auctioning the hat she wore to the Royal Wedding for Children in Crisis and UNICEF, which is where I happen to be the Social Media Manager. Because of this, I'm the person in charge of all the social media surrounding this, for both charities, which is not only phenomenally exciting, but also a bit of an honour and privilege, I must say.

I'm pleased to report that we've already had the first bid in, from none other than Duncan Bannatyne(!), who delightfully "modelled" the hat in this TwitPic, and it currently stands at £5,900. If you want to know how you'd look wearing the hat, there is a Twibbon so you can model it on your Twitter or Facebook picture.

I have a feeling that during this auctioin ... well, it's going to evoke some pretty fabbity and interesting conversations, and already has done from Stephen Fry and The Today Show tweeting about it. Amazing!

I ruddy love my job. {^_^}

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