Musical review: Betty Blue Eyes

The musical Betty Blue Eyes opened this week at the Novello Theatre, and I luckily managed to snag some tickets last night to go and see it, making it my 7th trip to the theatre this year... Don't worry, I've already covered on my blog that I have a *bit* of an addictive personality when it comes to the West End!

To be honest, the tickets came up last minute and I hadn't had time to look into what the musical was about. I knew it was based on an Alan Bennett film, something to do with a Royal Wedding, and I vaguely recalled a pig - could that be right?! - on Tube posters. I think if you'd have told me I was going to see a musical about a pig... well, I may have had my doubts. (This is coming from the girl who is ridiculously excited about Shrek, a musical about a green ogre. I know, I know.)

But, I have to say, I ruddy loved it! The cast were superb, the score amusing and cleverly executed, and I absolutely fell in love with Betty - surprising for someone who loves bacon as much as I do! It was an utter delight. Definitely worth seeing!

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