Latest Loves 19/02

There's still something quite decadent about cupcakes at the moment and The Hummingbird Bakery is one of the places to go if you want amazing sweet frosting and yummy sponge. Make mine the vanilla and chocolate ones, though I wouldn't say no to their Chocolate Devil's Food Cake either.

After what feels like forever, Lady Gaga released her new single Born this Way to the world the other week, though we're still waiting on the video. Directed by the same person who has just done Britney's Hold it Against Me and with a reported similar technological feel to it, let's hope it doesn't feature Britney's shameful Sony product placement. But, however the video turns out, the song is still a cracker and I'm eagerly anticipating the album release, too!

Nancy Mitford's books are a delightful read because she perfectly observed upper English class humour and shared it with us using wondrous wit and humour. If you need a book to read, Love in a Cold Climate is a must!

And, finally, if you're ever in London, make sure you pay a visit to Bodean's BBQ where you can have the most amazing meat fest, but one too many and you'll probably end up with a "Bodean's belly" - totally worth it though! ;)

What are you all loving at the moment? x

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