Win a upgrade

I have a upgrade to give away to one lucky person. All you have to do is let me know which of the following sites/apps you've ever used or heard of (specify which), along with a contact email address/Twitter handle. Easy peasy, huh!
  • Xtranormal
  • Empire Avenue
  • Bump
  • Twileshare
  • SoundCloud
  • Wordr
  • GetGlue
  • ChaCha
  • Pandora Radio
  • Quora
  • Plancast
  • Instagram
  • Diaspora
I'll be announcing the winner at the end of next week - make sure you share the giveaway love (good karma, you know!). x


  1. I have used Bump, GetGlue, Quora, Plancast and Instagram. I no longer use Bump or Instagram as I think these are iPhone-only. If Instagram get an Android app then I'm going to start using it. I use Quora on my computer.

    I've heard of Pandora Radio but never used it - I used to have a Spotify account that I used daily but now I've gone back to my iTunes library :)

    My twitter handle is @girltaristhan which I'm sure you know :)

  2. The only one I've used is Pandora. Probably the most amazing music website I had ever used, discovered so much through it. I miss it dearly.

    I've heard about Diaspora, haven't really checked it out though.

    Twitter handle: @bryanthebong

  3. I love get glue, and have used instagram, there are a couple of others on there I've sort of heard of.

    My twitter name is @beccaspeaks (helooooooo)

  4. I have Bump (for iPhone),, Soundcloud, Getglue,Pandora, Plancast,& Instagram. As you can tell, I like being an early adopter! ;-)
    My twitter handle is @carlomedina. THANKS!

  5. Heard of but never used GetGlue, Quora, Pandora
    Seen Xtranormal movies but not made one myself.

  6. Heard of:, soundcloud, instagram
    diaspora, empire avenue, pandora, quora,

    Oh and I'm @mbjones on twitter

  7. I'm using:
    Empire Avenue, Soundcloud :), Quora

    I've used:
    Pandora Radio, GetGlue

    I've heard of:
    Bump, Twileshare, Wordr, Instagram

  8. I forgot my twitter: @iSuitUp even it's pretty obvious :)

  9. Thanks all for letting me know what you use.have heard of. Congratulations to ...


    who wins the upgrade. Yey! I'll be in touch!