Cinema September - December 2010

Continuing from March - August 2010, here's my verdicts on films seen at the cinema between September to December 2010:

36. Cyrus - Seen on 21/09. 6/10
37. The Town - Seen on 19/10. Too long, but liked Affleck's accent. 6/10
38. Easy A - Seen on 22/10. Penn Badgley, yum! 7/10
39. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 - Seen on 22/11. 7/10
40. Monsters - Seen on 16/12. 7/10
41. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader 3D - Seen on 30/12. 9/10

Goals update, 2010

Back in mid-December 2009, I was very efficient. I sat down and made a goals list for 2010 so I would start the New Year knowing exactly what I wanted to achieve. Except, it's now October 2010 and there's 3 months left of 2010 ... yep, looks like I'll be working very hard if I want to make sure that all those goals happen!

 It's easy to plan a year when you have a blank slate and life isn't there to get in the way. For example, my professional goals changed in February when I had my work appraisal and had it confirmed to me that there wasn't really anywhere for me to progress to where I was. That combined with a planned parental move (and the fact I was turning 25 so needed to start acting like a bit more of a grown-up) kick-started me to once more apply for London jobs. Let's face it, London's where I've always wanted to be, I've made no secret of that! Because of this, from March to August I was busy applying and interviewing for jobs, travelling back and forth, until finally I was offered the role I'm in now. On top of that, I was also back and forth at the weekends to see M, aka The Boy.

Sitting down last December 2009, I couldn't have predicted how busy my life would become in 2010. The only things I've achieved are from my 'Other Goals' - I've been to two new countries (three actually - Ireland, Greece and Hungary, with a possible 4th next month) and I've seen two musicals on the West End (OK, four: Legally Blonde, Sweet Charity and Sister Act - Oliver! next week makes it four). I've read more books than I should have done and I've not completed one writing goal. Oops.

I know I can't complete all my goals in the next 3 months. Well, maybe I could, but I don't think my writing would be of amazing quality if I did. I have work, gym sessions 2-3 times a week, an Italian class, chores, films to see with the wife and time to spend with M ... not to mention other friends, me time, and, of course, writing time. This is what I'm planning on achieving:

1. Re-work TROG submission package
2. Finish the first draft of Tabitha and edit it
3. Re-work Lottie alongside Tabitha edits (Tabitha is a spin-off of Lottie).
4. Package Lottie and Tabitha for submission
5. Depending on my mood at the time, start writing my crime/thriller book "Boudica's Attic" or chick-lit book "Impossibly Emily"

How are your 2010 goals proceeding? Or, is there anything you want to achieve by the end of the year? Let me know! xoxo

PS: This blog post was inspired by Liz Sara over at Dreaming in Grey Ta, Treacle! {^_^}


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