My Tweek

I saw this on... um, someone's blog, and thought it was kind of interesting: "My Tweek". Basically, it's your week summed up by your tweets. (I have no idea what happened to Thursday.)


Morning Treacles. It's grey and rainy in my bit of London - looks suspiciously like Leeds! ;) New job begins at 10am. Fingers crossed!

I'd forgotten how much money it costs to stock a kitchen from scratch.

Met all my housemates now - I am living with two French girls and a French boy. Let's hope they're Anglophiles!

Instead of spending 15 mins in the morning cooking myself a bacon butty, I'm leaving 15 mins earlier to get one from work for 80p. Bargain!


Excel is ruddy irritating.

Pretty much survived day #2 in new job - picking up a few more bits and pieces for my room after work to make it purty. :)

Am wondering if a knife would work instead of a screwdriver... Note to self: Always read small print to see if assemblage is required!

OK, it's 6 pieces of wood. How hard can this be to assemble?! I can do this. With my knife-screwdriver.

The knife-screwdriver does now work. Ah.

OK, this is going back. Have ordered a new laundry basket and this one really does require NO assembling!

Just been updating my LinkedIn profile. Tuesday nights aren't what they used to be (party nights).


Hurrah, looks like I may be getting an assistant from October. I've only ever been in charge of myself - exciting!

Got 2 invites today to go out next Thursday - I already have plans. Typical! But they are amazing plans I already have. :)

I am at work. Wearing my glasses. :o The sky *is* falling Chicken Little

Not impressed. Belt I bought a few weeks ago from French Connection has snapped. Grrrr. Shoddy. And it was ruddy expensive too. COMPLAINING.


Writing my Comms plan; still finding it quite strange being a project manager with a 'baby'.

Had a message from Marco Pierre White's asking me to confirm a dinner reservation tomorrow at 19.00... it's 19.30, and in a few weeks' time.

At The Ranelagh. In Bounds Green? Wood Green? Somewhere Green?

Fishfinger sandwich from the pub. :D


Going to see Sweet Charity today on the West End. {^_^} And it's my niece's birthday. I bought her a Jessie from Toy Story backpack.

It's started, seeing St Andreans on the tube. How can the 3-street effect happen in London? Howwww?!

This is the first time I've been in Central London as a resident, not a tourist. Giddy. (I know, bless. ;) )

Perfect seats for Sweet Charity: Stalls, 8 rows from the stage, smack bang in the middle. Happy face. I ruddy love musicals.

The couple behind me are arguing about something that happened to them in May 1964 ... Jeesh. Get over it already.

It's 18.16... and I've only just had my first cup of tea of the day! *dies*

Sweet Charity was good, but I'm ridiculously excited about Sister Act next week.

I'm a good person. So if I could just win £4 million or so on the lottery to buy my own place in London, that would be AWESOME SAUCE. Ta. x

Housemates are jabbering away in French. The only things I have been able to understand are "ca va?" and "Marks and Spencers"

The Pizza Express supermarket version of Pollo ad Astra definitely isn't as nice as the restaurant version. :(


Nephew and niece have cruelly been told by my brother that I live in London with The Queen. Those poor children.

I'm quite excited about joining the library; I might even join their Book Club. Ooh!

Happy face. Finally found a supermarket that sells my butter. It's the little things that make me :)

Heading to Covent Garden to catch up with my flatmate from uni. {^_^}

Waiting for my Yorkshire puddings to rise. Am making myself a mini Sunday roast. {^_^}

Call this a breakfast? Where's the hash browns?!

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