Gordon Ramsay at Claridge's

Last Monday, because I decided I wanted my last UK meal to be yummy before I jetted off to Crete, I dined at the wonderful Gordon Ramsay at Claridge's, somewhere you can't really dine at *every* week. Makes sense, I mean there's Le Gavroche, Tom Aikens, Clos Maggiore, Yauatcha, The Ledbury, Wild Honey, McDonald's... we mustn't be limited in our eating choices!

Despite the restaurant losing its Michelin star this year, it was a delicious meal with faultless service, plus we enjoyed a spot of afternoon tea afterwards.

My starter was the Thai spiced tiger prawn ravioli and green bean salad, tarragon velouté. He had the mosaic of beef, foie gras and pistachio and asparagus salad. I may never be able to eat 'normal' ravioli again as the flavours were amazing and the ravioli shell was beautifully executed.

For the main course we both had the braised wild boar with ginger carrots, bok choy and pomme mousseline. You can't see the pomme mousseline as it's layered, but it was yummy, and the wild boar was spot-on. For dessert we both had the peanut parfait, cherry sorbet and roasted apricots.

I was a wee bit disappointed as the dark, white and caramel chocolate mousse, lime ice cream and chocolate madeleines option wasn't available; if it had have been, I would have been 100% delighted with the meal, but the peanut parfait was nice enough. All-in-all, a gorgeously tasty meal that saw me leaving London with a happy tummy.

What's the best meal you've ever had, and what's your favourite restaurant? x


  1. My favourite meal was when my Friend's Mum cooked Spag Bol (it was a South African variation) and was lovely.

    Other than that my favourite restaurant is Santaniello's which is an italian restaurant here in Bedford

  2. My favorite restaurants are the odd ones or the ones that aren't really restaurants.

    There's this Mediterranean whole in the wall place here in Houston, that I just love! After that there are so many dessert boutiques that also offer food.

    The only downside to all the good food here in Houston is that you have to work out more. =D

  3. I had a lovely meal at a gastropub between muswell hill and east finchley when I was in London last month - basically a roast beef with all the trimmings, followed by some sort of Baileys cheesecake. Delicious.

    Up here, my favourite restaurant is probably Brodie's, the place of the sinfully good haggis nachos.