Twitter power! The fabbity @OECD

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know sometimes I like to have a little moan. And yes, I know you're all reading that as I like to have a massive moan on Twitter. ;)

Yesterday at work I was a wee bit stressed out as I was solely in charge of the magazine, which is at the frantic last-minute, we're ridiculously-close to signing this off stage. I had pages and pages of amend notes, as well as stacks of proofs in front of me; I had copy to write (on space exploration and mountain climbing - not my two most knowledgeable subjects!), and I also had a 329 page hot-off-the-press document to read from the OECD  to update some article stats.

Now, I'm no stranger to Economics - two of my modules at University were 'Macroeconomics' and 'International Political Economy' - but after an hour of trying to find the general government net financial liabilities forecast (as a % of GDP) for 2010 for the US, Japan, the UK and the OECD total ... and not seeing it amongst the pages and pages of figures, I really was ready to cry.

So, I tweeted my frustrations. Like I do. And amazingly enough the OECD saw this and were able to explain why I couldn't find that stat (I wasn't been thick - the stat I need is in the statistical annex which won't be published until June 6th. A-ha!).

My frustration was replaced and I became very impressed with whoever looks after their Twitter account. Not only are they keeping an eye on the search queries for the OECD, they are following through and helping ordinary folk out. I say ordinary folk because the OECD, if you don't know, is an international organisation that brings together governments of various states committed to democracy and the market economy ... funnily enough, I'm neither a government member nor an economic player, other than my heavy contribution to the retail sector, that is. ;)

For me, this was an amazing and brilliant use of Twitter by an organisation that doesn't necessarily have to bother with everyday moaners like myself. Instances like this one is why I love Twitter - when people and companies get it right, it truly is an amazing thing to be a part of. Brilliant. {^_^} xoxo

EDIT 31/05/10 - Received this tweet today. Seriously. Impressed. Even more so than before.

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