Creative reports

At the moment I'm trying to sort out my life for when I move to London. I am amazed at what I've racked up over the years and what has been kept. For instance, we found in the attic my hand-knitted cardigan from First School. Aww!

I've re-discovered lots of old photos (I really need to get a scanner!), but I also came across my school reports. Ooh! As you would expect, I had glowing English reports, but I shined across all creative subjects. (Don't worry, my Science reports were pretty lousy!)

Here's what was said about me in the late 90's(!):

Dance: Elle is an excellent dancer. She is imaginative, hard-working and demonstrates a high level of physical ability. She has been highly successful in both roles of dancer and choreographer.

Drama: Elle is a highly motivated student who has illustrated her exceptional skills and interest in drama. She is a quick-thinking, original and confident performer who uses her imagination to the full. She is firmly established within the group as both ideas girl and performer, and her involvement in extra-curricular drama has highlighted her directional approach as well as team spirit, patience and hard work. I am sure she will succeed in whatever she puts her mind to.

Graphics: Elle has a flair for design and continuously demonstrates this. Work is well-presented, imaginative, thorough and creative. A star pupil.

Music: Elle is an outstanding student. She copes perfectly with all tasks in music and can reproduce any given tune on the piano with accuracy. She has also composed a high standard of music herself.

English: Elle is a lovely student who is highly motivated and conscientious at all times. She displays a natural flair for the subject and this seeps through in all her work. Orally she is expressive and confident, her stories are beautifully constructed and presented, and she writes fluently with imagination.

Not bad at all! {^_^} What were your favourite subjects at school? Were you creative or practical? Arty or scientific? And have your school strengths helped you in your career?


  1. Ooh GET YOU! Lol

    My favourite subject was Music I think lol. Mainly because I could actually do it lol. I think I was okay all round - I really struggled at PE I loved dance and trampolining and put my effort into those two but hated Netball and Athletics etc so that always pulled my grade down (I would have been one of those kids doing summer school to pull up the grade hehe)

    I was quite arty but when I was younger I was more scienctific. My school strengths got me as far as uni but can't really say that they helped me in my career - it's what I learnt from my Dad about computers that has benefitted me the most so far!

  2. I was a total music nut. Anything to do with it I was involved in it. I would love to go back through all my stuff and see what it says.

  3. I'm a bit odd because I was a bit of a mix between the creative and practical. English and Drama were my favourites but I was actually in the highest class for Maths (after a dodgy start) and I "crashed" Accounts & Finance in sixth year (which basically meant I hadn't did it before) and ended up with a B. Almost fitting that I ended up working for an accountancy body . . .

  4. I got a prize in Primary Two for "Reading and General Excellence." It was obviously a very long time ago.