2010 writing goal #6

6. Write crime/thriller book - I really want to try my hand at a new genre and I started writing a crime/thriller called Boudica's Attic set in 1920s New York. Must finish it!

This goal is rather fitting to one of the writing competitions (goal #8) I'm going to enter this year. I'm going to make Boudica's Attic my entry for the Dundee International Book Prize - this is fitting because I was in Dundee when I had the idea!

The idea emerged in Spring 2007 when I spied a lipstick in Boots called Boudica. I immediately fell in love with the name but realised it wouldn't suit a modern story. As I love 1920s New York, I plotted a story based in this period, but I only ever wrote the first 5,000 words of it. I've been putting off finishing it to concentrate on other projects, but now I have a deadline to meet!

There's a taster of Boudica's Attic on URBIS, if you're interested. I put it up there in April 2008 to see how people felt about the narration style - if you click through it says Chapter One, but it really is more of a taster - these were some of the comments:

Very interesting concept, I dare say unique. The plot was building nicely. The story drew me in very quickly and held my attention. I’m sorry to say it was all too short. Your descriptions and imagery were very telling of that time period. It had a nostalgic feel to it that was heart warming. The main character, Boudica, is as complex as she is simple. Just this brief introduction, showed her as a precocious child with an old spirit. The mystery part is yet to be revealed, but for some reason, I’m hooked already!

First, let me say I really like the way you use the language. The phrasing and the use of language helps ellude to a time frame, almost immediately. Then you follow it up by telling us where you’ll begin your story. Very nice and really helped focus my attention, made the mental images even more clear. The rhythm of the piece also flows very well.

Incredibly well written and thought out characters. I love the distant recollection of the narrator. So many times a narration of a story of this sort is done omnisciently, but your choice of the first person lends a quiet yet closer viewpoint without distracting from the overall story. I applaud the voice of the piece and look forward to reading anything coming from this narrator.

I'll keep you posted with my progress! Let me know what you think if you have a look at it, but also let me know if you've ever been influenced by an unusual item! If not, what influences you? -x-

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  1. Good luck with this!

    I haven't been influenced by ANYTHING recently - my inspiration is nonexistent. I hope this changes soon as 2010 is the year I want to DO something with my writing!